Single-Arm Medicine Ball Push-Up


Single-Arm Medicine Ball Push-Up

Single-Arm Medicine Ball Push-Up

Muscle Group:

Chest, Core, Triceps




Floor, Medicine Ball (or kettle bell)

Chest is one of the most powerful muscles in your body! No surprise that it's one of the most paid attention to muscles as well. Big rounded chest stands out and makes one look confident and powerful.

Whats more, if you stop lifting weights, you chest is one of the first muscle groups that will atrophy. Thats because you rarely stress this muscle in daily activities. Keep in mind that loosing muscle slows down your metabolism- which means regularly training your chest also helps you fight belly fat:)

Now, lets get on the floor and perform this basic, yet challenging exercise!

Single-Arm Medicine Ball Push-Up.

  • Place one hand on medicine ball and place the medicine ball right under your chest.
  • Keeping your core braced, start inhaling and lowering your body as far as you can.
  • Pause at the bottom and then push yourself back to the starting position, meanwhile  exhaling.
  • Do not drop your hips!
  • Head should stay in the same position from start to finish.

Sweat & Smile!

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