Art Golovatiuk

Hello, World!

My name is Art Golovatiuk, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and C.H.E.K. Life Coach.

While honored to now have the opportunity to become a U.S. citizen, my origin is 6,000 miles away in Eastern Europe. Ukrainian born and raised, I came to the States in 2009 with a country, culture and language to learn. People say that I am a happy mixture of both a distant home and the sunnier land of opportunity here in San Diego, California. I’ll take that J   Giving back to my new country while forging a career seemed like great dual motivations!

My passion for fitness quickly turned to becoming a certified personal trainer which then naturally led me to studying for a complimentary certification in nutrition counseling, group fitness and life coaching. Now with all this knowledge I am confident to be valuable in helping my clients put the puzzle pieces of human behavior, change, fitness and nutrition together for ever greater results.

AFF is short for Art’s Formula Fitness and represents my view and formula of fitness, health and a mindset! What works, what doesn’t, how to get more bang for your fitness hour and dollar. And most importantly, and this can’t be repeated enough times, AFF seeks to steer those motivated to a fitter lifestyle that is to be enjoyed! What is enjoyable and produces results has the greatest probability of becoming permanent. And that’s the goal, right?!