I have a popping sound in my joints. Any ideas?


Popping in the joints,sadly, has become ordinary for many people, especially athletes. No one pays much attention to it, unless the sound becomes relay loud and disturbing. Sometimes it is borderline embarrassing. But what exactly is happening in our load-bearing joints?

Before we armor ourselves with bands or schedule a doctor visit let’s pause and look what can be causing it?

So! Unfortunately our doctors cannot give a certain answer to what is really going on in the joints, but there are only two possible scenarios.
Scenario One. People think that the reason for popping is bubbles of gas that had accumulated in synovial liquid (reminder: synovial liquid serves as lubricant in our joints).
When moving , joints increase the pressure in synovial liquid and this pressure makes the bubbles pop. If during popping there is no pain or discomfort—you have nothing to worry about. This thought is based on Doctor Donald Unger, who had popped his joints only on one hand for over 60 years and when comparing hands he didn't see any difference in mobility or performance.

Scenario Two is based on another theory where any cracking or popping is a sign of osteoarthritis and other joint diseases. But as we already know there is no certainty whatsoever. Reasons for popping and solutions are still an open question.

However, while two scenarios have a right to live, doctors keep researching and we are still popping - the best advise would be to pay attention to your body and habits.

Supplement industry, meanwhile, would love to make a sale advertising many products that can help you strengthen your joints and prevent related diseases. But as we all know, food is best medicine !

Another great tip is to get on exercise program that will help to strengthen joints and improve joint mobility. Usually those exercises use very light to no weight (just body weight), thus they are safe! Practice, practice and practice.

Finally, if you already feeling discomfort in your joints during exercises I suggest you to stop exercising and give your joints and tendons time to recover. Meanwhile find a good acupuncturist and a masseuse to help you speed up the process.

Once you feel better, get back to exercising, but reduce the intensity or the load on that joint. Play with different angles, weights, time under stress and remember, it is always good to switch it up.

One Healthier Choice Leads To Another!